Welcome to The Legends …

A 6-month group life-coaching program to help you manage your head, so you can live from your heart and focus on what matters.

The Legends is here to load you with tools to help you …

  • Master the thoughts in your head so you can fulfil what matters most to you
  • Give less fks towards what doesn’t matter, and savour them for the things that do
  • Make powerful decisions that align with your values and what you stand for
  • Listen to your heart and its true desires, and take action towards the vision in your heart
  • Deeply self enquire and listen to the answers by asking the big, hairy questions


you cannot deal being ruled by the thoughts in your head anymore. You’re sick of putting on a facade that isn’t You. You have a vision of the life you want but are afraid to go after it.

Deep Down You Know There's A Better Way ...




Let me coach you over the next six months in six key areas that will serve you over, and over again.  

The modules and body of work contributes to you managing your head, so you can live from your heart and focus on what matters. This gives life and breath to your true authentic self which is something we’re all seeking to realign with.

Each month, a new coaching module will be of focus with a live group coaching call every fortnight to share, debrief and go deeper. 

You’ll be given homework, meditations and journalling prompts to put the work into practice and integrate it into your life.

Here's what we'll journey through, together.

A 6-month group life-coaching program to help you manage your head, so you can live from your heart and focus on what matters.




A 6-month group life-coaching program to help you manage your head, so you can live from your heart and focus on what matters.



I know what a life of misery, pain and trauma is like. I haven’t read it in a book or studied it, I’ve lived it. From childhood sexual abuse, bulimia, drug addiction, chronic pain, pain medication addiction and brain surgery, these experiences messed me up something good! There were times I didn’t want to live and felt like I was being punished by the Universe. Shit got real dark. But the darkness was my invitation to find a new way forward and I made it my mission to do the work to live a better life.

Was it easy? Nope. Did it happen overnight? I wish. Did I want to give up sometimes? Ah, yah! But there was a vision in my mind and heart that kept calling me to move forward, and it has led me here. Now, I’m an Authenticity Coach who is pumped to inspire legends like you, to awaken the power that resides inside and give ALL your fks towards that!

I’m here to …

  • help you stay connected to what you want and not settle for less than that
  • give you tough love when you need it, challenge your thinking and encourage you to take action
  • guide you to listen to your own inner voice, and to trust and back yourself
  • help you channel your fks where they matter, and give zerofks to where they don’t

This is all in the name of BEING AND STAYING true to who you are! I’m here to show you the tools for YOU to use to help yourself grow, develop and transform you and your life. You ready?


Commit to the work and to you? Make time and space for what matters? Surrender to the unknown and trust a new way?

Still got questions for moi?

Check out some commonly asked questions and answers below.

How does it work? Are the modules done online? Is there any face-to-face time?

The Legends is an online group coaching program. This means all the modules and learnings are completed online via video tutorials, exercises, set homework, audio exercises and meditations.

We have fortnightly live group coaching calls via zoom, led by me.

There are x3 gatherings held in Melbourne for The Legends and this will be face-to-face. It is not compulsory to attend but highly recommended to be amongst like-minded legends.

What if I do all this work and it doesn't work?

Doing the work is bound to change you. There is no chance you won’t change IF you do the work AND follow through by taking action. The work works when you change the way you interact with yourself, others and your environment. You can have all the learnings and concepts in your head, but if you don’t integrate them, then you just know more shit. You want to LIVE the work. So if you are willing and committed to doing and integrating the work, then put your fears aside.

What happens in the group coaching calls? How long do they run for? What if I miss them? When are they held?

The 75 minute group coaching calls are an opportunity for live Q+A with me, to share your learnings from the module of focus and what’s been coming up for you. You also have the opportunity to be coached live by me, which you and The Legends will hugely benefit from. When you heal, others heal and this creates the supportive, connected space for our community.

Do your best to attend the coaching calls because it gives you the chance to chime in, get your questions answered and really contribute to the group. But if you do miss a live call, no worries, they’ll be recorded and sent after the call is complete.

Our live calls will take place fortnightly on Tuesday’s at 7PM, AEST or AEDT, depending on daylight savings. Exact dates and times will be communicated once you have signed up via email.

Do I have to do all modules? Can I just do a few to save time and money?

The Legends life coaching modules have been specifically and carefully chosen to create strong foundations for you. Each module compliments and strengthens the other, like its own eco-system. So with this in mind, the program is for those who are 100% committed to all modules.

I really want to do it but can't afford it.

Instead of going straight to, “I can’t afford it”, take a step back and ask yourself, “what can I do to afford this?” That alone is a mental reframe to shift your mind into looking for answers, rather than excuses. The ego (which we’ll cover in this) rarely wants to sacrifice anything for something else. It doesn’t like change and will sell you all the reasons why it’s, “not the best time”.

The way your mind currently rules the roost, what is it costing you?
The way you currently over-give your energy, what is it costing you?
The ideas left in your, “I wish” list, what is it costing you?

If you want something bad enough, you’ll make it happen.

Are there any refunds?

There are no refunds on this coaching program. If you’re in, you’re in. This is to help you commit and follow through on your word, PLUS give yourself the time and space to allow this work to weave in and integrate into your lives.

What are the private gatherings?

If you live in Melbourne (or can come to Melbourne), you’ll have the opportunity to attend x3 gatherings that are just for us. These will range from breakfasts, picnics or doing something as a crew.

Is there a specific intake date or can I join whenever?

There are x2 intakes per year, January and June. Each intake accepts 20 Legends per round. We start as a group and finish as a group.

Do I have to know my purpose or have my shit together to do this course?

Every Legend is unique with different backgrounds, professions and life experience, but they do have one thing in common. That one thing is they want to know and be who they truly are, and create and live their life from that place.


You can pay upfront or via a 6-month payment plan to suit your financial needs. Check it out!