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I'm not here to save your life. I'm here to show you how you can do that for yourself.

In 1:1 coaching with me, we get up close and personal. Superficial chat isn’t where it’s at – we go deep to hit the sweet spots. And by deep, I mean I want to know how you think, what limiting beliefs you have, what bullshit stories you tell yourself, what you’re finding challenging and are afraid of. I want to know your dreams, desires, ideas, hopes and wants. Through knowing both these sides, we go on a mission to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

This may sound like rah-rah bullshit, but when the work is applied, very cool things take place!

Coaching is focused on being solution based orientated and taking action toward what will bring about fulfilment, meaning and purpose. Your past and old stories you carry are apart of the process, however the main focus is on how to shift your thinking and behaviour, from being disempowered to empowered.

This work requires vulnerability, honesty and the courage to step out of what’s familiar and try a new way forward. This also means learning to fail forward. You will get what you want out of coaching by showing up to the process wholeheartedly, with me by your side keeping you accountable and challenging you.

The life you long to live is the standard I will hold you to, and that is what I will keep reminding you when it all seems too hard.

1:1 coaching is intimate and you have my full attention on you. When it comes to money and how much coaching costs, you are paying for over a decade of work I have tested, tried and applied. This isn’t a by-the-hour service. This is about the value I can bring you during our time together, and beyond.

This isn't just talk therapy and talking about anything and everything. Specificity is key!

During the coaching session, talking, meditation, exercises, planning, mind-mapping and processes take place. It’s not all talk therapy with me listening and nodding to you. We’re here to shift the shit and move forward with greater clarity, confidence and purpose.

My jam is to coach you to be your true and authentic self which is the basis of living one epic life! It will have MAJOR impact on how you show up in your relationships, work, business, health – legit everything!

I take on 10 clients per year for a period of six months. Does this mean waitlists are longer? Yep! But this means that when you are my client, you have my focus, energy and attention. I’m about quality when it comes to working 1:1 with people, not quantity.

If all of this intrigues you and you are ready to channel your fks in the direction of what matters to your heart, hit us up!

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It is a dead set honour to see my clients transform before my eyes. Their courage, tenacity and "I'm not giving up" attitude brings about the greatest results. Here's what some have to say ...