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KAT JOHN Save your FKS for the things that matter! @KAT.JOHN

Why I started meditating

Hitting rock bottom opened me up to a new way forward

I was introduced to meditation and mindset work at 24 years old during a really dark time in my life. I was 12 months post brain surgery, addicted to pain medication, overweight and in chronic pain. It’s safe to say I was not in a good place physically, but what worried me most was my mental wellbeing. I had a victim mindset and looked for answers outside of myself, but I reached a point where enough was enough, something had to give. After meeting a Professor of Neurology who told me the answer to being well was me, he invited me to focus on something I truly wanted, visualise it, feel it and act in favour of it. As a desperate human I took his advice, and ten months later I was off medication, pain free, lost 10 kilograms and realised first hand that I am indeed that answer to my life.

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