1:1 Coaching With Kat

There is nothing quite like coming back to your authentic self.

As your coach, my role is to challenge your current ways of thinking, doing and being, and to show you how bring real and honest with yourself leads to showing up real, honest and genuine in your life. That, is authenticity.
I am here to guide you to listen and trust your own inner voice, hold the vision you have of yourself as you move towards it, and help you navigate the stories inside your head along the way.

Being real and honest with yourself isn’t an easy thing to do, especially if you’ve avoided facing the many truths that have been trying to get your attention.

But, in being real and honest, you have an opportunity to sit with the truth, and I will be here right beside you mid discomfort, offering guidance, practices, tools and space to begin to respect and honour the truth that will inevitably lead you to greater authenticity.

What you share with me is sacred, held and never judged or shamed. Everything is welcome to be put on the table. I am in service to the truth and deliver this with honesty, heart and laughter. It is my role to hold you accountable and remind you why you came to me in the first place.

It'll take work and commitment to be your authentic self, but it's worth it.

You may have a tonne of limiting beliefs and stories rattling around inside your head that are standing in the way of being your authentic nature.

Beliefs like, “no-one will like you if you change, it’ll be hard, you’ll lose friends, you’ll be “too much”, it’s easier to stay as you are”, and more. Having these thoughts are normal, but how much you let these beliefs overpower you is 100% in your hands.

It may seem impossible or far fetched to have greater agency over your mind and life, but that is why I am here. I will show you how to create space between the real you and your thinking mind, widening your capacity to listen deeply to yourself.

To get the most of out this, show up with your heart.

Who do I work with?

I work with women who are ready, committed and eager for change. Whether your position is a CEO, mother, employee or business owner, it does not matter. I am here to serve the human (you) that is behind the title.

It is essential that you have a sound level of self awareness and reflection. Meaning, you are able to recognise that the way you currently think, act and be in the world is not as ideal as it can be, and that others are not to blame. This work requires self responsibility and accountability.

What is my approach to coaching?

My approach is to be of service to the truth that will serve you and your life. I share my personal stories for relatability and tools I have learned along the way. I hold myself to professional and ethical standards whilst sharing my own humanness, as I do not hold myself in Guru status.

I have a strong commitment to excellence in coaching. My professional development is ongoing, so I can implement the timeless coaching tools and practices.

What coaching do I offer?

I work with women who are seeking:

  • to be more authentic, real and unedited;
  • to be less in their heads and more in their hearts;
  • to be more connected with their inner voice and intuition;
  • to trust themselves, back their choices and be less fearful of displeasing others;
  • to give less fucks about what others might say and create a way of life that feels aligned to their core values;
  • to slow down, tap into their feminine nature, appreciate the slow lane.


When you work with me, we are in one another’s worlds. You are seeking guidance and counsel from me, and I am tuning into what will be of deepest service to you. This not only takes place in sessions, but also between our sessions.

I choose to work with a maximum of six clients at a time. For the time we are working together, I am all in and I ask that you are too. With this in mind, working with me is a rare and enriching opportunity, to let me into your thoughts, your heart and what you seek for yourself. We are in relationship for this period of time. It’s powerful, deep, potent and beautiful.

There are fundamental teachings and practices I share alongside the beauty of a bespoke approach, where the guidance offered is specific to you, your life and your needs.

Coaching begins for a minimum of 3-months to ensure consistency, accountability and a shift.

In this 3-months we’ll have …

  • up to x12 75-minute coaching calls together, with the flexibility of weekly or fortnightly based on your needs and where you’re at, via zoom.
  • Voxer access to communicate with me between sessions.
  • Access to my meditation membership.

Your investment in yourself is $5997 AUD (approx $3997 USD). Payment plans are available as well as up front payment. 

But first, let’s chat, to determine where being inauthentic is impacting your life the most. We’ll setup a 20-minute zoom call and jam from there. Just complete the form below and we will be in touch.

If you feel ready to explore a new layer of authenticity in your life, I am ready and waiting.

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Send a direct email to me, letting me know that you want to work together, where you're at in your life and where you'd love to be.


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