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About me

Being a chameleon was my full-time job.

Adapting who I was to fit in, be liked, or be anything anyone needed me to be, was what I thought I had to do in order to be loved. The yearn to know where I belonged was strong and as a result, I abandoned my sense of Self.

Over my years I’ve overcome some big stuff. From childhood sexual abuse, bulimia, drug addiction, chronic pain, pain medication addiction and brain surgery, these experiences challenged me something good!

There were times I didn’t want to live and felt like the Universe was punishing me. Shit got real dark. But the darkness was my invitation to find a new way forward and I made it my mission to do the work to live a better life.

For sixteen years I’ve dedicated my life to developing my mind, opening my heart, treating my body with kindness and respect, and coming home to my soul. Over those years I’ve learned a myriad of teachings and applied them to my life, creating profound change.

It’s been a rocky road at times, but damn it’s been worth it. As a result, my authentic self has emerged and nothing feels better than the freedom to be you again.

Professionally, I’m an Authenticity Coach, Keynote Speaker, podcast host, creator of the ZEROFKS movement and epic in real life events. For eight years I’ve been working with people to powerfully manage the thoughts in their head, so they can access their truth and focus on what matters.

My soul is lit and alive to inspire legends like you, to help you manage the shit storm inside your head, to remember that the answers are inside of you and to help you pave a new way forward whilst walking beside you.

Life hasn't always been easy, but I've faced each challenge head and heart on, giving rise to a force within that is unstoppable.

I believe my experiences happened for a reason – to share my path with others and be an example of hope and possibility. I may have taken the long route, but I’m here to share the shortcuts and challenge you to level-up! Thank you for trusting me with your journey – I can’t wait to meet the real you.

The zerofksMovement.

This was an accidental movement that has reached a global audience, inspiring people from all over the world to give zerofks through movement. Here's a little story how the movement came about ...