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About me

G'day, legends. If you're reading this, you might know a bit about me already.

You know I don’t hold back on sharing relatable stories, speaking real and raw truths, and always hold people accountable for being the solution to their own problems. I am the creator of the global ZEROFKS movement, have a meditation app coming out soon, host of the REAL, RAW, RELATABLE podcast, a coach, keynote speaker, and run trainings that help legends give zerofks to the things that don’t matter, so they can lead the lives they were born to live.

I wasn't always this way. I struggled through bulimia, drug use...

..people pleasing and coming to terms with sexual abuse. From the ages of 18- to 25-years old, I suffered from chronic nerve pain and a congenital brain malformation that culminated in brain surgery. When that didn’t fix me I became depressed and battled suicidal thoughts. I felt like I was at a dead end, until a neurology professor convinced me to shift my focus to the inside in order to help the outside. Everything changed after that. I swapped medicine for meditation, started listening to and moving my body, practiced visualisation, listened to my inner voice and completely rewired my brain. Ten months later, I was unrecognisable.

Life hasn't always been easy, but I've faced each challenge head and heart on and given rise to a force within me that is unstoppable.

I believe my experiences happened for a reason – to serve others and give them the same wake-up call that I so badly needed. I may have taken the long route, but I’m here to share the shortcuts. Thank you for trusting me with your journey – I can’t wait to meet the real you.

The zerofksMovement.

This was an accidental movement that has reached a global audience, inspiring people from all over the world to give zerofks through movement. Here's a little story how the movement came about ...