It’s time you really give a fk about being the real and genuine you.


The ZEROFKS Program focuses on motioning women into embracing their authenticity, by not allowing their thoughts and external judgments hinder their real and genuine selves. It’s time to reframe your narrative, remember who you are, and live a life that resonates with what’s right, good and true for you.


If you’re done with the exhausting charade of being someone you’re not, find yourself giving away your time, energy, and life force (those precious fks) to the limiting stories in your head, and showing up as a shell of yourself, then join us on the path of authenticity – where giving zerofks becomes an act of self-love.

The ZEROFKS Program is here to ...

show you a pathway to living with greater authenticity. It’s here to provide much needed tools, perspective shifts and new ways of thinking, processing, doing and being, so you can choose to show up in your world as your real and genuine self.

What does it mean to give ZEROFKS?

We’re not talking about sticking your middle finger up to the world and telling everyone to go f&%k themselves. Not in the slightest.

We’re talking about diving deep into a whole new level of self-liberation. It’s about giving zerofks to the limiting thoughts and stories in your head that have been playing on loop, telling you who you should be and who you can’t be. It’s standing face to face to the inner critic, those nagging doubts that hinder you from rocking your true, authentic self. It’s a conscious decision to allocate your time, energy, heart, and life force to things that really matter – to you, your journey, and the collective human experience.

Giving zerofks is a tool to shape a life that’s authentically yours and contributes to the greater good.

Are you done with ...

how will you ever know the 'real you'

if you give no real time and space to enquire, reflect and reconfigure your life?


I’d love to impart to you timeless teachings. This is not a rah-rah toxic positivity program, these are fundamental teachings to help you navigate the “not you” so you can choose the real you.

The teachings and body of work contribute to helping you uncover and maintain your authentic self, whilst knowing how to manage and navigate the thoughts in your head that will attempt to steer you from living, breathing and showing up as your authentic self. 

New teachings will be unlocked in a timely and spaced approach, giving you just the right amount of time to delve into the work without feeling rushed, or having too much time to mess about. Teachings will be shared via videos, meditations, journalling prompts, audios and exercises, to help you put the work to test and into your life.

Think of these teachings and tools as filling up your bottomless Mary Poppins bag. They’re here to expand your current ways of thinking, doing and being and in times of need, you can reach into the bag and pull out what’s required.

The Teachings ...

Over the six months we will cover teachings that are timeless and absolutely necessary to lead your life connected to the real you.

Next enrolment opens April 1st!


Imagine that somewhere in your future there is a you who is grounded in who they are, knows who they are, connected to their intuition and true self, and who is so goddamn real and genuine that they ooze that special something.

Imagine how free and liberated that version of you must be to feel that way and how ace they are at navigating their own mind, ego trip wires and patterned responses. How cool must it be for them that they get to choose how they want to be rather than be who they think they have to be?

Imagine if you never met them. Imagine if you never game them the chance to go out into the world and play, meet people, call in opportunities and dance with life from that place. That would be soul crushing.

If you want to give the future you a chance, the you who is in full ownership and acceptance of who she is, who is waiting for you to do the work and arrive, then this is your invitation to meet her.


Upfront payment or 6-month payment plan available. 


A word from your Coach, Kat John ...

I know what a life of misery, pain and trauma is like. I haven’t read it in a book or studied it, I’ve lived it. From childhood sexual abuse, bulimia, drug addiction, chronic pain, medication addiction and brain surgery, these experiences (almost) broke me. There were times I didn’t want to live and felt like I was being punished by the life. Shit got real dark. But the darkness was my invitation to find a new way forward, to find “me” amidst the mess and chaos, and I made it my mission to do the work to live a better life.

Was it easy? No. Did it happen overnight? I wish. Did I want to give up sometimes? Ah, many times! But there was a vision in my mind and heart that kept calling me to move forward and it has led me here, to awaken the YOU that is buried inside and bring her back to life.


No longer play games with yourself?
Stop hiding from yourself?
Move towards the real and genuine you?

Check out the FAQs

Who is this for?

Women who are looking for support, a community and accountability in a private, safe space away from social media.

Women who are looking for tangible, practical steps and tools to put into practice to make the teachings real and embodied.

Women who are so ready to be who they are and create change in their life .

Is the program available internationally?

Yes! This is open to anyone in any time zone, in any country. All live virtual calls will be recorded so they can be accessed at any time.

The live monthly calls take place on a Sunday at 9AM AEDT or AEST (depending on daylight savings), run for 90-minutes and are recorded. You will need to check this against your current timezone.

I'm new-ish to this work, can I still join?

You can be new to the work, absolutely. The pre-requisite for this program is that you are ready to be accountable and responsible for your life and your future. If you are seeking me to save, rescue, motivate or do the work for you to change your life, then respectfully Kat is not your Coach.

What’s your cancellation policy?

No cancellations or refunds. If you want in, you’re in!

How does payment work?

If you choose a payment plan, your subscription will be billed one time each month for your 6-months. Or, if you choose to buy the one-time payment (which saves you $450 AUD) you’ll be billed one time.

Should you wish to stay on after the 6-months to still have access to Kat’s Live Q&A’s, teachings, tools and meditations, a new subscription will be created.

Is there a specific intake date or can I join whenever?

This program has a certain amount of intakes per year in order to make sure everyone is onboarded smoothly. We only allow 15 women per intake so when the doors are open, make sure you secure your spot and sign up!


Upfront payment or a 6-month payment plan is avaialble.