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Why I started meditating

Hitting rock bottom opened me up to a new way forward

I was introduced to meditation and mindset work at 24 years old during a really dark time in my life. I was 12 months post brain surgery, addicted to pain medication, overweight and in chronic pain for six years. It’s safe to say I was not in a good place physically, but what worried me most was my mental wellbeing. I had a victim mindset and looked for answers outside of myself, but I reached a point where enough was enough, something had to give. After meeting a Professor of Neurology who told me the answer to being well was me, he invited me to focus on something I truly wanted, visualise it, feel it and act in favour of it. As a desperate human I took his advice, and ten months later I was off medication, pain free, lost 10 kilograms and realised first hand that I am indeed that answer to my life.

These meds are here to deepen your self awareness and self enquiry practice so you can access the answers you need to make more aligned choices in your life.

The meds hit pretty deep and intentionally do so, to help you reassess how you’re currently doing you, your relationships and your life. Without awareness and self-enquiry, it’s difficult to take empowered action in the direction of what truly matters. This is where these meds can help.


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